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About Us

Lolabrickida Theatre is a new theatre company in Saskatoon, SK. Founder, Laura Negraeff, has nearly a decade of experience directing, producing, and performing in professional and community theatres throughout Saskatchewan. Lolabrickida is a play on the name of a Flintstones character who quits her job after tiring of the loud incessant singing of her boss, Fred. Lolabrickida (or Lola for short) became a nickname given to Laura Negraeff by her dad and a playful reminder to find humour and joy among the chaos of life. Lolabrickida Theatre is committed to creating theatre with heart and helping to expand the kinds of stories that are told on Saskatchewan stages. Read on to learn more about our endeavours and upcoming events.

Actors Rehearsing


To explore how race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, (dis)ability, age, and other factors influence the way we understand our world and the stories we tell onstage


  • To spotlight important, and sometimes difficult, topics that are important to peoples’ lives, and whenever possible, find the hopefulness and/or levity within these stories

  • To explore the ways that race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, and (dis)ability, have shaped our life experiences by showcasing existing works that provide critical and unique perspectives on daily living

  • To nurture the development of new artists and works to further our understanding of the ways race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, and (dis)ability shape our experiences and worldview

  • To develop a socio-cultural consciousness in our artists and audiences by acknowledging the ways our worldviews are shaped by race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, (dis)ability, age, and other factors


  • Levity: Always look for the light, even when you feel surrounded by darkness

  • Empathy: Recognize that we are all on our own journeys but we can still try to understand one another and value the lived experiences of other people

  • Collaboration: Support other people in their lives and their work. Build authentic relationships and reciprocate when others have supported you.

  • Continuous Learning: Always challenge what you think you know, listen openly to others’ knowledge and experiences, be willing to experiment and explore, and always stay curious.

  • Purpose: Tell stories that have meaning and support and nurture the goals and values of those we work with

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